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OOTA operation schedule Spring-Summer 2022:

Hours (except special events):

Tuesdays: 2pm-8pm (until further update)

Thursdays: 10am-3pm (until further update)

Saturdays:  10am-3pm range#4 open for Trap, range#2 open for Skeet

Sundays:    10am-3pm both ranges#2 and #4 open for Trap



OOTA List of Olympic Trap Events 2022:

April 24: Coast-to-Coast

May 15: Coast-to-Coast 

June 12: Coast-to-Coast 

June 13-14: Open for practice before HPTT

June 15-19: High Performance Team Trials

July 30: Coast-to-Coast

July 28-31: Ontario Provincials

August 14: Coast-to-Coast

September 2-4: Beretta & Perazzi Cup

September 17: Coast-to-Coast

Programs will be posted in advance. Check MATCH INFO for recent updates

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