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OOTA Athlete


Here are just a few of our members. From juniors to seniors, recreational shooters to Olympic minded high performance athletes, we all enjoy the sport together.

Paul Shaw

Paul Shaw at Olympics.JPG

Athlete, President OOTA, Delegate, President ATA, Pan Am Games Liason, Olympian

Paul started shooting ATA trap in approximately 1981 and has been an active ATA competitor ever since, attaining All American Team status more than a dozen times and has won many high profile trophies and awards.  He has been the Ontario ATA Delegate for many years and is currently one of the five Vice Presidents of the ATA representing the 14 states and provinces in the Eastern Zone. 


Paul started shooting International Style (Olympic) trap and has been a frequent member of Canada’s national team and has represented Canada at multiple World Cups, World Championships, Championships of the Americas, five Pan American Games, two Commonwealth Games and the ’96 Olympics in Atlanta.  He has won individual and team medals and awards.  When Paul took on the responsibility of ATA Vice President, he decided he had to devote his time to ATA shooting and administration however he is still actively involved in the administration of Olympic trapshooting in Ontario and at the conclusion of his year as ATA President hopes to return to active Olympic style shooting as well as ATA. Paul is a Collingwood, Ontario lawyer.

Elizabeth Longley

Elizabeth promo pic for profile page.jpg

Athlete, 2019 SFC National Development Team, ISSF level "D" coach
Team Canada, 2019 PanAm Games.

Elizabeth was born in Mississauga, Ontario and started shooting ATA-style trapshooting, quickly switching to Olympic trapshooting in 2014. She has won numerous provincial and Canadian championship awards. She is currently ranked 66th on the ISSF World Ranking list, previously peaking at 44th place. In her first Senior World Cup (as a junior), she shot a personal best 70/75, tying for 6th place in qualification. She has competed in two Junior World Cups, the University Championships, four World Cups, two World Championships, and the Championships of the Americas where she won Canada a Pan Am Games quota place for the 2019 games in Lima, Peru. She won her place on the PanAm Games team following two trial events in 2018 and 2019. She has been funded by Sports Canada Athlete Assistance program, Ontario "Own the Podium" and was selected as the first female shooter as a PetroCanada "FACE" athlete. Elizabeth is a certified ISSF level "D" coach. Elizabeth is a fourth year McMaster University student studying Geology. She is presently coached by Susan Nattrass (7 time World champion).

Angadeep Kooner


Athlete, 2019 SFC High Performance Junior Program

I became interested in trap shooting at the age 12 when I attended an ATA-style trapshooting competition with my father. After I shot first time, I was curious to learn more about trap shooting. One shooter at the range suggested Hamilton Gun club for the classes to learn more about this sport. At the Hamilton Gun Club, I discovered about Olympic Trap Shooting and immediately fell in love with this sport. In 2018 I was able to secure my place in Junior Shotgun Canadian team. In the summer of 2018, I got an opportunity to shoot in the ISSF Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany representing my country first time. My goal is to work hard and represent Canada in the 2028 Olympics.


Madelene Scola

Madeline profile.jpg

Athlete, 2019 SFC National Development team

 A native of Mississauga, Ontario, Madelene began her athletic career as an archer in 2009. In 2014, she was introduced to American trapshooting, and after a year, transitioned to Olympic trap. She became a member of the Canadian junior team in 2017, and has since competed throughout North America and has attended two Junior World Cups and three European Grand Prix. Madelene divides her training between her home range in Innisfil, Ontario and at Keystone Shooting Park in Pennsylvania. In her spare time, Madelene enjoys studying sports science, watching hockey, reading, and playing piano. She plans to pursue a career as an athletic therapist and chiropractor.

Aaron Balson

Aaron Balson.jpg

Athlete, 2019 SFC High Performance National Identified Team,

and Junior Program

Aaron now 16 and in grade 11, has enjoyed shooting for the last 1 ½ years. He was hooked on ATA trap shooting at a club open house, but 6 months later discovered the compelling challenge of Olympic Trap. Aaron enjoyed both the Ontario Provincial Championship and the Canadian National Championship events in 2018, and also a spectacular training trip to Italy the same year. He intends to foster his shooting passion in 2019 by concentrating on: posture, discipline, and consistency, along with domestic and international competitions. Outside of shooting, Aaron looks for opportunities to study all powered conveyances, play online games, and dabble with his piano skills. His educational objective is to pursue biomedical (mechanical) engineering.

Matthew van Haaren

2018 Matthew Colorado silver.jpg

Athlete, 2019 SFC National Development Team

Matthew started ATA-style shooting at age 9, racking up over 30 medals and awards including multiple time provincial championships including the youngest provincial handicap singles champion at age 13. He won the 2014 Canadian Nationals champion in ATA singles with a score of 199/200 at the age of 15 as a junior. Matthew switched to Olympic trapshooting in 2016, won several junior awards, and was named to the 2017 and 2018 SFC national junior team. In 2018, Matthew was named to the SFC National Development team. He won the junior silver medal at the USA Shooting nationals. He has competed at two World Junior cups, and two ISSF World Championships as a junior, and participated as an MQS shooter in the Championships of the Americas in Guadalajara, Mexico, shooting his personal best of 117/125. Matthew is an excellent example of the competitive shooters of the future that will represent Canada internationally

Carter Nattrass


Athlete, 2019 SFC High Performance Junior Program

Carter was born in Toronto and started rifle shooting in 2014 and competed at the Canadian National ‘Smallbore’ Championships. In 2015 Carter switched to trap shooting (ATA), and then to Olympic Trap, and has been a member of the Canadian Junior Olympic Trap Team since 2017. Carter has represented Canada at the 2018 Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany and looks forward to upcoming international events. When not shooting, Carter studies Life Sciences at McMaster University, enjoys gaming, and loves to snowboard - particularly in Banff and Lake Louise!

John D. Lambert

John Lambert.jpg

Athlete, Para-athlete

I have been involved in shotgun sports since the age of 14, and have shot all of my life. I have always been active in sports and enjoy pheasant hunting as well. In the fall of 2017, I took up Olympic trapshooting. As I have only one hand, my goal is to train for the Para Trapshooting competitions, but I intend to compete in the mainstream events as well.


I am determined to be the first Para-Olympic trapshooting athlete to represent Canada, and my dedication to the sport has taken me to training camps at TTS, and in Florida and Italy. I very much enjoyed the mental aspect of the game, having taken an ISSF course in mental management hosted by Diego Gasperini in Italy.


My goal for 2019 is to compete at the high performance / national team tryouts and work towards qualifying for the Para World Cup in Australia this fall.

Brett Nattrass

Brett profile.jpg

Athlete, OOTA Board member, Match Director Canadian Airgun Grand Prix

ISSF level "D" coach

Born in Toronto, Brett started rifle shooting in 1971, and was a member of the Canadian National Rifle Team for several years - representing Canada at the World Airgun Championships. In 2015, his son, Carter, suggested he start shooting again and then convinced him that trap shooting would be a lot of fun…and he was right! Besides getting back into shooting, Brett was the official announcer at the 2015 Pan American Games for all the shooting disciplines and is the current Match Director of the Canadian Airgun Grand Prix, an exciting international event with over 100 athletes representing 7 countries. Brett is a certified ISSF level "D" coach.

Bryan Caballero

2018 Bryan pic.jpg

Athlete, Industry Supporter, ISSF level "D" coach

Bryan Caballero began originally shooting archery in 2012, advancing to instruction and coaching.  Once he started to work with Pilla Performance Eyewear providing and advising shooting sports athletes, he got his first taste of Olympic Trap at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto.  There began the relationship with many of the team members from Canada and many other countries, and the start of Olympic trapshooting himself. Entering the sport as an adult, he still brings an enthusiasm and development to the sport within Canada especially with promotion of women in sport.  Bryan currently has his ISSF Level D Coaching Certification as of 2017 and has held his Level 1 coaching certification in Archery in both the USA and Canada.  He is currently sponsored by Top Flight and Pilla Sport Canada. He shoots right handed with a Perazzi MX2000, using Pilla 540 RX (45mx) glasses. He enjoys Olympic trap and sporting clays and says Susan Nattrass and Peter Chiefari are his influences.

David Scola

David profile.jpg

Athlete, OOTA Director, SFC VP Administration, ISSF level "D" coach.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, David has a long history of athletics from hockey and equestrian sport to fencing and archery. In 2014, David was introduced to American trapshooting, and later that year, he moved to Olympic trap. He attended his first international competition in 2017 alongside his daughter, Madelene. Currently, he is training towards a position on the Canadian national team, while acting as coach and training partner to his daughter. David is renowned for his many hobbies including, but not limited to, woodworking, music, aviation and war history, and horology. David is eager to promote Olympic trapshooting in Canada and is an executive board member of the Shooting Federation of Canada and the Ontario Olympic Trapshooting Association.  David is a certified ISSF level "D" coach.

Deepak Talreja

Deepak single.jpg

Athlete, ISSF level "D" coach

My name is Deepak Talreja. I took up ATA-style shooting and switched to Olympic trapshooting in 2012. I have competed in numerous provincial championships and Canadian national championships. I have also competed in numerous US events including the US selection trials and US National championships. I am a self-employed businessman, and my flexible schedule allows me to enjoy this outdoor sport. Deepak is a certified ISSF level "D" coach.

Max Cisco

Max at range.JPG

Athlete, OOTA Treasurer, Coach, Founding member TTS, Range Safety Officer

Max was born in Italy and grew up shooting. He started Olympic trapshooting at a young age. He was was a founding member of TTS in 1970. With over 50 years of experience, Max has transitioned from athlete, coach, and executive member. He is also OOTA's range safety officer, and is always on site to welcome athletes. His dedication to the sport is immense. He is a central part of life at OOTA and TTS.

Dmitry Lander



My love for competitive shooting sport started in high school. At that time, I was shooting 50m - 3 positions standard rifle. In 2008, I started Olympic trapshooting at TTS as a part of OOTA. Since then, I deeply enjoyed learning this discipline and wanted to go further with the sport.

OOTA has helped me improve my shooting skills as it is a friendly environment and encourages all ages. My shooting sport journey has inspired me to do my best and work hard to become a better athlete.

Vadim Zevlever


Athlete, 2019 SFC National Development team, OOTA Board member

I started practising the Olympic Trap shooting discipline in Europe in 1979. Since then I have moved several times and represented different teams, clubs and countries at competitions of all levels including multiple World Cups as well as several European and World Championships. Even though I achieved my personal best of 224/225 in 1988, and World Cup 7th place in 2001, I still enjoy being a part of the Olympic Trap shooters' family every time I compete or practise.

During my shooting career I also coached athletes of different ages and levels. I take great pleasure in helping less experienced athletes improve their performance.

I am a member of the 2019 SFC High Performance Program and plan to remain active in this sport for a long time.

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